Amy Zheng was born in Beijing, China, and currently lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area. She did not seriously start her art journey until the fall of 2017 when she quit her previous job and stayed home to take care of her little children. That reminded her the enriched life of making artworks when she was only three. She realizes how meaningful it is to do what she truly loves.  This is her dream life.

The contents of her art works are deeply rooted from her girlhood memories, the rich histories of China, philosophies (eg. Taoism, Buddhism), life and death, cultural interactions, and nature. She always feels emotionally a strong tie to many old artworks and antiques traveling across space and time that allows her to have dialogues with the ancients. World art history has taught her the basis of art is irregularity and emotion, which she wants to synthesize into her own works. She is more like a conservator of cultural relics, putting the fragments of history together into one piece to endow the works to have flesh and blood, and sentiment and righteousness. Recently, she is interested in expressing her ideas in a more abstract and comprehensive way with deeper interaction with the audience.

She currently works on paintings, drawings, ceramics, experimental animation, installation, weaving, and fabric arts. Her deepest quests are how to interact with nature; how to define herself; what a transcultural life brings us; how we face aging and death.